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Duvadilan Retards, and 10mg Injection is used for Premature labor pain, Threatened abortion, Night cramps, Reduced blood flow in the veins and arteries, Blood vessel diseases, and other conditions. this drug may also be used for purposes not recorded in this medication guide. It contains Isoxsuprine as an active ingredient.

This drug is prescribed for preterm labor.

This Injection works by making blood vessels wider to increase the blood flow.

Take this drug in the dosage and duration as advised by your specialist. Swallow it as a whole. Don’t chew, crush or break it. This medication may be taken with food or without food, but it is better to make it at a fixed time.


Missed Dose

Take the forgotten dose once you remember. But, if it is almost the time for the next scheduled dose, then the missed dose should be skipped.



Seek emergency medical treatment or contact the specialist in case of overdose.

Patients using this medicine may encounter unwanted side effects such as:

  • Dizziness
  • Flushing
  • Stomach upset
  • Nervousness


General Instructions

Take Duvadilan Retards pill as advised by the specialist. Don’t take in more significant amounts than advised. Don’t stop taking this drug without asking your specialist. It is suggested not to operate machinery and drive vehicle due to the risk of dizziness.


When not to use?


Not recommended in patients with known hypersensitivity to this pill.


Bleeding disorder

Not recommended in patients with postpartum bleeding or any bleeding condition.


General warnings

The effectiveness and safety of this drug have not been established in pediatric patients.

This drug may cause dizziness and lightheadedness. It is recommended to avoid activities that need mental alertness like a driving vehicle, operating machinery, and don’t sit or stand up quickly.

This medicine is not suggested in patients with a history of bleeding disorder or heart attack.


Warnings for special population


Duvadilan drug is not suggested for pregnant women unless necessary. Talk about all the benefits and risks with your specialist before receiving this medication.



The excretion of this drug in breast milk is unknown. It is not recommended for pregnant ladies unless necessary. The benefits and risks should be discussed with the specialist before taking this drug.

Duvadilan 5mg Injection (Isoxsuprine Hcl)

PriceFrom $80.00
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