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Double MM Multivitamin Capsule contains a blend of 17 essential vitamins, minerals, and herbs. It includes antioxidant vitamins like C, E, beta carotene, and B. Multivitamins can be beneficial when experiencing stress, not getting proper sleep or regular exercise.


Key Ingredients:
Vitamin C, Vitamin E Acetate, Niacinamide, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B2, Vitamin A Acetate, Folic acid, Vitamin D3, Dibasiccalcium Phosphate, Magnesium, Ferrous Fumarate, Zinc Sulphate, Manganese, Copper, Selenium


Key Benefits:

  • Aids in increasing energy levels
  • It can help improve mood
  • It may assist in reducing stress
  • Helps to maintain muscle strength


Directions For Use:
Take 1 tablet in the morning and at night before going to work with a glass of warm water or milk.


Safety Information:

  • Store in a cool and dry place at room temperature
  • Keep away from direct sunlight and moisture
  • Keep out of reach of children

Double MM Multivitamin Capsule

PriceFrom $255.00
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