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This drug is a female hormone that helps to control ovulation. It is used to prevent pregnancy. It is also used to correct menstrual disorders caused due to a lack of this hormone in the body.

Deviry tablet contains Medroxy Progesterone Acetate as an active ingredient.

This generic tablet is used in abnormal uterine bleeding and contraception. This medication is used for the treatment, control, prevention, & improvement of the following diseases, conditions, and symptoms

  • Irregular menstrual periods
  • Abnormal uterine bleeding
  • Infrequent menstrual periods
  • Irregular menstruation
  • Abnormal bleeding from the uterus

Deviry medicine is a progestin. It works as part of hormone replacement treatment by replacing the amount of oestrogen in the uterus. It works to bring on menstruation by changing the natural progesterone that some women are missing. (Medroxyprogesterone Acetate).

Take Deviry tablet in the dose and duration as recommended by your doctor. Swallow it as a whole. Do not chew, crush or break it. This drug may be used with food or without food, but it is better to take it at a fixed time.


Missed Dose

If you miss a dose, take it as soon as possible. If it is near to the time of your next dose, skip the missed dose and continue your dosing schedule.

Do not utilize an added dose to build up to a lost dose. If you are usually losing doses, consider setting the alarm or asking your household member to remind you. Please confer with your physician to talk about change in your dosing timetable or a new schedule to build up for missed doses, if you have lost too many doses recently.



Don’t use more than the advice doses. Taking more medicine will not improve your symptoms; instead, they may cause poisoning or dangerous reaction. On the off chance that you have, suspect that you or anyone else who may have overdosed of these tablets, please go to the crisis Section the nearest closest clinic or health center. Bring a drug box, holder, or name with you to help specialists with Needful data.

Don’t give your medicine to other people even if you know that they have the same situation or it seems that they may have a similar situation. This may lead to overdosage.


What are the Side effects?

  • Drowsiness
  • Tiredness
  • Unusual vaginal bleeding
  • Depression
  • Vomiting
  • Tenderness
  • Breast pain
  • Fluid retention
  • Cushingoid syndrome
  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding

Deviry 10mg Tablet (Medroxyprogesterone)

PriceFrom $50.00
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