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Calvex-XT Tablet is designed to support bone health, cardiovascular function, and overall well-being. These tablets are meticulously crafted to provide a convenient way to meet your daily nutritional needs.


Key Ingredients:

  • Calcium Citrate Malate
  • Vitamin K2-7
  • Vitamin D3
  • Methylcobalamin
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Magnesium Oxide


Key Benefits:

  • Supports strong and healthy bones, reducing the risk of osteoporosis
  • Vitamin K2-7 helps prevent calcium buildup in blood vessels, promoting heart health
  • Beneficial for immune function and energy level
  • Useful for overall health and wellbeing


Directions For Use:
Use as directed on the label or as suggested by health care professionals.


Safety Information:

  • Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight
  • Read the label carefully
  • Keep out of reach of children

Calvex-XT Tablet

PriceFrom $36.00
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